Art Matters with Edward Goldman

Art Matters with Edward Goldman

Excerpt from Art Matters with Edward Goldman, May 26, 2020

Last couple of months I have been trying to do my best to stay safe: staying at home, and when out in public, keeping a safe distance while wearing a mask. Of course, like many of you, I am spending hours on my computer. Museums and galleries are sending out invitations to have virtual tours of their exhibitions. On occasion, some of the galleries are suggesting that they are open for a visit by appointment.

Just a few days before Memorial Weekend, I received a note about an exhibition by Los Angeles artist, Sigrid Burton at Tufenkian Fine Arts in Glendale. I was pretty sure that during this holiday, the gallery would be closed, but still decided to call and see if they were taking appointments. Lucky for me, both gallery owner Caroline Lais-Tufenkian and artist Sigrid Burton welcomed me to visit them on Sunday.

Sigrid Burton (L) Considering GBT. 2019 (R) The Tale of the Cat. 2019. Tufenkian Fine Arts. Photos Courtesy Tufenkian Fine Arts.

In a close encounter, abstract paintings by Sigrid Burton looked even more mysterious and romantic than my first impression of them when I saw them for the first time on my computer. I told Sigrid that being close to her paintings, gave me the sensation of diving and swimming along the romantic “color waves” of her brushstrokes. So, it was not a surprise to learn from her how much she is inspired by the art of British artist William Turner (1775-1851) with his Romantic, semi-abstract seascapes. If you want to have an art boost encounter, this exhibition is available by appointment for two more weeks.