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Sigrid Burton

Tufenkian Fine Arts

March 6 РApril  25, 2020



Sigrid Burton Interview in Jung Journal Culture & Psyche Interview by Katherine Olivetti

Jung Journal Culture & Psyche

(Spring 2014 Volume 8, Number 2)

ABSTRACT: In a conversation between Jungian analyst Katherine Olivetti and artist Sigrid Burton themes are touched upon concerning color and the influence on Burton’s work of her travel to and study of India. In addition a discussion of the influences on the artist’s life are considered.


Text Only Version of Essay from Exhibition Catalogue

Sigrid Burton: A Personal Odyssey

by William C. Agee
Professor of Art History, Hunter College

November 2000

In her recent paintings Sigrid Burton travels to many worlds, both near and distant, as she has during her life. The domains she explores may seem to be disparate and disconnected, but they alternately meet, intersect, fuse, and then disappear, like apparitions, in liquid pools of mist and color. Her pictorial odyssey refers simultaneously to both a higher order, a timeless cosmic vastness, as well as to a private, interior world, abounding in personal histories and memories. These paintings have a new quietude, an ease and serenity about them that bespeaks a calm assurance in her direction. Their aura will hide their genesis, that in fact they were born of a crisis of confidence.